Risk Hurricane

On average, a company will lose 25% of its revenue from an organizational disaster – and that’s the good news.


Hi I am Joe Mayo, creator of the risk hurricane and author of two risk management books (Chaos to Clarity and Cultural Calamity).


Normalized deviance, rejection, deception, and risk normalization are cultural patterns that can lead to a risk hurricane.  Hurricanes occur in nature every year.  They are predicable, make a mess of everything, and no good comes from a hurricane that makes landfall.  Risk hurricanes, like hurricanes in nature, are predictable, extremely costly if ignored, and avoidable with planning and preparation.  Visit my website, twitter, or LinkedIn to read about a variety of risk management topics.  Get a copy of Cultural Calamity to learn about organizational culture challenges and risk hurricanes.






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About Me

Joseph W. Mayo

Joseph W. Mayo is an award-winning project manager, author and Internationally recognized risk management expert with over 28 years of industry experience.  Mr. Mayo holds a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology and Masters Degree in Information Systems. He holds PMP, RMP and CRISC industry credentials. Career highlights include:
  • Creator of the Risk Hurricane
  • Author of Cultural Calamity and Chaos to Clarity
  • Program Manager for top 100 IT Projects of 2006 by InfoWorld.
  • Developed an IV&V Program that was recognized by the Government Accounting Office (GAO) as a model for large complex Government programs.

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